In the Spirit of Solidarity: European Day of Foundations and Donors 2020 #EuropeTogether #WeArePhilanthropy

The European Day of Foundations and Donors brings together public benefit foundations, trusts, donors, philanthropists, local communities and volunteers across Europe who give time and resources to supporting others. By showcasing philanthropy’s contribution, the day aims to raise awareness about philanthropy and encourage more giving and civic action.

1st October is a moment to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the wider public. While we will be taking this opportunity to showcase philanthropy’s vital contribution, the day also encourages us to ask critical questions. Are we doing enough? Is philanthropy trust- and community-based? How can philanthropy remain sustainable and provide short-term but also long-term support?

This year philanthropic giving in Europe has been largely defined by the community’s unprecedented response to the pandemic and its wider implications, such as emergency healthcare, widening inequalities, the digital divide, the economic fallout, and shrinking civil society. Throughout this crisis, philanthropy has been at the forefront, together with civil society organisations, local communities and authorities, fighting the pandemic and its negative impact. At the core of the wide array of philanthropic activities has been the strong sense of European solidarity and collaboration across borders

In recognition of European Day of Foundations and Donors, Philanthropy Ireland has selected the MyMind image that was used as part of the #FocusPhilanthropy Campaign. We selected the above photo from Mymind, an organisation which has created a unique movement for community-based mental health services that work towards giving every person in Ireland equal access to mental health support early, affordably, directly, without stigma or delay.

MyMind has almost 2,000 clients who rely on its mental health counselling services. They are supported by PI member The Ireland Funds, who’s COVID-19 Response Fund is aiding online counselling when in-person services aren’t possible. It is anticipated that these improvements will be of great benefit even after the pandemic is over.



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